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About Schiessl


We Are Committed to Your Success

Tradition & Innovation!

Schiessl is a leading European wholesaler of low-temperature engineering, air-conditioning technology and heat-recovery products.

We represent the interests of our industry and attach a great deal of importance to environmental protection.

Our continued growth and success over the last 80 years have been founded on our engineering expertise and our determination to remain close to our customers. The challenge for the future is to make sure that we continue to enhance the quality of our products and services.

While our main focus is on the traditional low-temperature and air-conditioning manufacturing sector, we pride ourselves on not neglecting innovation and development in our market.

With around 33,000 standard and customized products, we offer a comprehensive one-stop service solution.

To this end, then, we are securing our success in the market together with our customers.


Our Objectives:

  • To establish fair and long-term business relationships with our customers and suppliers.

  • To ensure that our product-related services run smoothly by offering well-founded advice and expert help in the choice of components and systems

  • To make sure that our product range is constantly updated and in line with the needs of the market

  • To research and develop our own products with a focus on environmental protection, operational reliability and excellent value in terms of price and performance

  • To maintain ongoing training programs for our personnel and customers

  • To have motivated and committed employees throughout our company

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