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Evaporator & Condenser

Anyone who needs high-quality evaporators and condensers for their processes has a free choice at SCHIESSL. 

Get in touch if you need help making decisions.

In this category, we offer evaporators, condensers and composite systems from well-known manufacturers such as Alfa Laval, SWEP, KAORI, Bitzer, Güntner, Kelvion, RoenEst, Karyer, Lloyd.

Evaporators and Condensers in different designs

SCHIESSL is the leading wholesaler in Europe in the fields of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat recovery. Both online and in our branches, we only provide you with products from reputable manufacturers in a wide variety of designs that makes us long-standing specialists together in every respect.  Even if you would like to have all product details at a glance for the evaporators, condensers and compound systems you are looking for, you can rely on us. Of course, we are also your first point of contact if you have special requirements for our products and systems in the areas mentioned. We put your wishes into practice in this regard.

In this range, you will find:

Evaporators of any kind such as:

  • Ceiling flat evaporators

  • Refrigerator evaporators

  • Industrial Evaporators

  • Wall air and ceiling air evaporators

  • Heat pump evaporators

  • Accessories for evaporators


Condensers of any kind such as

  • Air-cooled condensers

  • Axial air condenser

  • Radial air condenser

  • Water cooled condensers

  • Condenser accessories


We also have various types of plate heat exchangers ready for you.

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